Inter-app workflow

I know you’re thinking about scripting — are there any plans for a way for other apps to control Dorico?

Personally, I’d love a full AppleScript object model. But in the absence of that, can we have a way to trigger a Dorico script via AppleEvent (either by sending the name for a saved script, or sending the text of a script), and receive the result?

Here’s an example use case. I’m currently working on a play script. I’m using Sibelius for the music, and Google Docs for the words. I wanted to write a script that would download the Google Doc, convert it to PDF, iterate through the pages to find ones with a certain bit of text that functioned like a tag for inserting music, then trigger Sibelius to open that file, update a couple of bits of text in it, export it to PDF, then take the resultant PDF output and combine it with the Google Docs PDF.

I can also see wanting to script it in conjunction with InDesign.

Any plans for this?


I would hope that when our Lua API is fully worked out, external control of the application should become possible to some extent.

Great! I’ll be looking for a way to trigger it from AppleScript, but even if that means running a custom shell script and parsing the result, I should be OK.