Interested in buying a Cc121..

But concerned the tech is about 10 years old. Is it still the best viable option for Cubase or are there better alternatives out now?
Many thanks

(apologies if this is the wrong forum, the cc121 one seems to be a bit empty)


From my point of view, it’s still the best.

Made only for Cubase. Still fully supported and updated.

It is useful. But steinberg has chosen not to implement support for their new features in CC121. For example they changed the build in EQ hand have not added support for that. There are many low hanging fruits for CC121 that Yamaha/Steinberg do not pick up. However it is nice with AI-knobs and QC if your plugins has support for it. Some major has that, like Waves, Softube and Fabfilter. Other does not, like Slate Digital, Lexicon, TC, Eventide, Spectrasonics, Toontrack, Arturia and Native Instruments etc. (Quite a long list actually) CC121 is a great product that has not even get close to it’s potential due to software failures.

Maybe VST2 plugins don’t support QCs and VST3 plugins do?

findParameter introduced VST3.0.2 and is a requirement to get it to work fully, however some vendors does not implement this even if it is strong recommendation written in the software development kit.

Hi, thanks for all your responses. Appreciate it.

I use quite a lot of UAD plugs on my templates , a few Waves and the rest stock plugs. Will the CC121 work OK with UAD etc? That’ll probably be the clincher for me.

You can check if you can map the knobs to QC without having the hardware. If you can assign them it will most likely work fine.
Pickup a a steinberg plugin and see how the QC mapping works, then try to do the same on UAD. Im not sure if UAD can have different behaviour on different plugs.

Thanks very much for your help.

Looks like you can work with UAD. That’s good news. I think I’m going to get myself one with a footwitch.

Btw. Arrived today, works great with UAD.