Interesting Divisi/Cue Interaction

I encountered an interesting situation where a cue for Violin I (a) does not accurately represent what kind of divisi it is — specifically that it is now unis. after having previously been solo/gli altri within the same system of the full score. I imagine this is because Dorico won’t represent the divisi in more than one way per system of course, but this seems to suggest that cues have some kind of relationship to the full score layout rather than just pulling the information from that instrument abstractly.


I seem to remember that we have fixed something like this not so long ago, so this is something that should (if I am remembering correctly) be improved in the next major version, when it comes (though that will not be for a long time, I’m afraid).

Not a worry — a very fixable problem in the mean time. Just wanted to bring it to attention if it hadn’t come up, but obviously has. Thanks Daniel.