Interesting Fact: UV22HR is also a digital clipper!

Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well.

For many years, I’ve never really been happy with the limiters that come with Cubase and have always reached for Voxengo Elephant or DMG Audio limiters which are amazing.

However, I dosceverd something by accident today which doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the Cubase manual.

UV22HR which is our main dithering plugin in Cubase also acts as a limiter / clipper (seemingly closer to a clipper). Thus, it will chop off audio which is above 0 dBFS.

Now the interesting thing is, it actually sounds really really good! Better than any other limiter I’ve found in Cubase. However, you must be aware that it does distort faster than a regular limiter due to how fast it reacts.

I should clarify that this is on an EDM track, so it may be too harsh if you’re attempting to master acoustic music or similar.

But anyway, I just thought I’d share this tip with you in case it’s useful.

Huge love

UV22HR is just a dithering algorithm

The audio engine is the clipper,
UV22HR is used to get the artefacts of the resolution reduction controlled

Yep, UV22HR is primarily a way to reduce quantization noise, but what I’ve discovered is that it also acts as a limiter.

You can test this out by placing UV22HR on a channel which goes above 0 dBFS and you’ll see that UV22HR clips the signal so that the max peak never goes above 0 dBFS.

no it doesn’t act as a limiter, it only reduces the bit depth in this case
the bit reduction is the “limiter” and it cuts every over… hard
inserting it will force the output of the plugin to a bit depth…
and it will kill only overs but a limiter is a dynamic reduction process that can limit to a level,
this can UV22HR not

use it for whatever you want, but don’t call it a limiter, this is wrong.