Interesting free VSTs, Nova and Limter6, opinions?

Two interesting free (introductory but very useful) VST effects from Tokyo Dawn Labs. I installed them and thought they were worth mentioning here.


Dynamic EQ, and a wide-band dynamic range controller.

I installed and worked with the Nova EQ a bit and like it. I downloaded the dynamic range controller to see what it offers. I’m expecting it to be similar to Cubase’s Maximizer, but perhaps it will have a smoother sound. The EQ sounds good and adds interesting dynamic movement and control.

Have you any of you worked with these plug-ins?

Also, installed Limter6 – another freebie. Interesting product. I think it probably has some nice sounds and capabilities and it has been mentioned by one of the better engineers I follow on youtube.

Same question. Have you worked with LImiter6 and what do you think about it? I like it, but I’m not exactly sure about how to get the most out of it yet. More time…

Take care.

Thanks for the heads-up. Love the Nova.

Yes, It’s very nice. I’m just getting started with it, but I’ll certainly be looking to upgrade to the “Gentleman’s Edition” I think.

I’m wondering how a similar “dynamic EQ” might be accomplished with perhaps two cubase plug ins? Say somehow using Frequency EQ and the Multi-band Compressor? I’m not sure how to configure you that, with a send?

Anyway, I’m glad you liked it. There’s so much “free” stuff floating around, but this one seemed worth a mention here.

The Limter6 has been known for a while, but was new to me and I’ve heard it mentioned in several videos. BTW, there are very some very ‘un-good’ videos about it on youtube – people who claim to be doing a “demo” and are only showing you the controls and screen shot with some talk and no demo at all. In other words, they themselves don’t seem to know how to operate it. :astonished: :unamused:

Their compressors are good. Great freebies.

Their Kotlelnikov dual path compressor sounds good. I’m just getting into it. They are also offering a free EQ and some kind of psychoacoustic processor that I installed, but haven’t worked with. They have excellent documentation and youtube videos. I’m glad I found them. :slight_smile:

Limiter No 6 has been out for years and is probably the best free limiter that I know of. Do read the manual and understand how the variable chain works because it is a bit different. Don’t feel you need to use all processors.

Sharpen your soft clip skills. Practice listening for distortion.

Keep in mind, if you are into the different skins, there is a cool red and black one with digital readouts that is also available.

I’ll look for that skin. I have the white “modern” one and the original retro-dials version. I’ll look for that and didn’t know it was out there.

I’m slowly getting better at the clipping and limiting stages of things.