Interesting observation Cubase

Is it possible that a project with dozen of plugins once they are removed, the performance meter still remains high VS a Clean project with the same stems!?

I think so.
With automation disabled and little plugins and it still seems like the project is heavy. Not a specific one, I have several project over the years that are similar.
Oh yeah C12 pro currently win10
Been on cubase since SX


Do you observe this with any plug-ins (even the internal Cubase plug-ins)?

Hey Martin ,
I use the delays that are fantastic, the compressor and the mutliband envelope shaper. I haven’t really checked.
As the project evolve I “save” for example V1 to V20 From composing until final mix and mastering…
My studiosetup is on 64bit . Stems are 24/44khz
My main audio interface is rme babyface pro fs setup at 128mb buffer. That is from start to finish the project (most cases)
I also have 2 extra setups (total 2pc & 1 mac urc22 , scarlett)
I use vst synths for melody and rythm. Also sample.
When I print, I use realtime. That is my preference.
Keeping things at 128mb buffer and temporary disable the “asio guard”.
In most cases that is what I do. Render in place and offline can do the job , by times I hear a difference. Most of the time I find that in realtime I get a better “take” . But It occurs that off line and render in place gave a better result of a print.
If asio guard is active while realtime render there is a shift on the recording from latency. I do hear it. Specifically on timed melody or beat.
If cpu overload occurs and offline is necessary, I adjust the stem by disabling the timing ( 1/4 , 1/8 so on Then asio guard back to ON to continue the production.
What I to pointed is after several versions of the same song , regardless of me disabling the plugins( not bypass a real disable)
The metter stays halfway for examples and I begin getting cpu overloads while printing in realtime when disabling asio guard.
If cpu overloads, I will try again and again I know it will pass . If not I export :
I export the midi file with synth settings saved or the stem fader disable and offline render. I Save my plugin settings and open new project then I can do the realtime render.
I know some will say there is no difference. I do find in most cases in realtime the result is exact.

Hey Martin, It is happening as we speak . I have a project to deliver for a label next week. The project is maturing and disabling mountains of plugins. The meter does not go down. The positive is that the system does not crash and I’m able to print at 128mb in realtime. Of course asio guard disabled.
This is with the Rme and a 5900x amd processor with a 105amp power stage motherboard.
On the Mac m2pro I also get good performance when I use the rme interface. focusrite will perform poorly on heavy processing and the urc22 manageable performance.
For the final mix I will start a new project to bring down the meter. Even if the system is running well., I prefer a fresh start for the mix :))