Interesting Presentation on Win 10 for Pro Audio Enthusiasts

You may have seen this already but just in case you have not, I thought i’d share.
Makes me wonder why Steinberg would issue a please dont upgrade yet disclaimer…

Makes me wonder why anyone would believe any of these sales-pitch presentations. I’m still waiting for my Vista Ultimate Extras.

There can only be one explanation metrosuperstar and that is Steinberg and most of the DAW industry simply weren’t ready to embrace the new technology on July 29th

Steinberg seems to be the only one not ready. The problem is that it’s a month later and they’re still not ready.

However much sales were in that video, I have to say that BigWig certainly show some cool new things. Cubase and associated software do really cool stuff too, but it shows sides of the often discussed technologies that I haven’t seen mentioned much in this forum. Pretty much the internal modulation system appears to be more than pretty awesome.

Also, checking in on the BitWig website it says that “You can install Bitwig Studio on up to three machines at a time.”

Downloading the demo to try it. :slight_smile:

and there’s a Linux version of BitWig as well!