Interesting problem with prolog and vst instrument tracks


I’m running Cubase 5 Studio on a modern win 7 laptop. I do live performance and recording using several midi controllers and VSTs.

I’ve set up 8 prolog vst instrument tracks with 8 different presets. (8 because my Novation sl61 has 8 faders that I use to independently control the volume of each track - so I can turn up the volume of one or several sounds as I may require.) I’ve assigned the faders to control the track volume throughthe cubase assignment table under device setup/generic remote. The channel strip volume levels respond appropriately when I move my SL61 knobs. And I’ve attempted to block prolog from receiving the volume change cc messages by using the input transformer to filter all cc messages on every one of the 8 tracks.

(For the input transformer, I’m using “module 1”, selected “filter”, then in the top section, “type is” “equal” “controller”, then nothing in the bottom section.)

So here is my problem. When I change the volume of one instrument track, the sound of another instrument track is affected in various ways (not volume). It seems like prolog is seeing all the cc messages that I’ve set as volume changes, despite the filtering, and changing prolog function accordingly. This may affect one preset not at all, and another one drastically.

I can’t figure out why this is happening and would appreciate any guidance.


Have you figured it out yet?

I had a similar but different issue. See Velocity to midi CC - Cubase - Steinberg Forums. I have noticed a situation where the transformer has affected other parameters tan the target. I did not investigate it much further, but I may try now.

But I guess I’m missing why you even need to mess with CC simply for a volume control. Can’t you just setup a quick control to target a channel fader and link that to your controller? Looking at that you probably do these sort of things a lot, I’m sure there is a reason… surely it’s supposed to work in theory and the CC method is more flexible in the end once you use the same method to control other CCs.