Interesting recording/music websites

I might be the last to have heard about this, but I stumbled on a link to a thing called the Weathervane program. Thought folks might be interested in see’ing this. Basically a program in Pennsylvania where promising indie artists/bands are brought into a studio to record a few tracks and the process is video taped/available to watch online.

They have quite a few episodes available, use a very nicely equipped (if quirky) studio and the episodes are interesting and engaging. Thought folks might enjoy this. here’s a link to the “about” page with a video that briefly explains what they are and what they do. Select the “episodes” tab to check out the different projects.

BTW, they also have a page where you can download either the raw tracks of many of the recordings or stems and play with them for mixing practice. This is a lot of fun and good ear training too.

One other site that’s a lot of fun, if you hadn’t heard of it, is Live From Daryls House. It’s Daryl hall (of Hall & Oats) and he does this very engaging Music and food show (I know…quirky but it’s great actually) where he has some really great artists come to his house and they basically jam several tunes in his living room. Great fun and some really good episodes…

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