Interface bug - slash region start handle

I have a large-ish slash region. Most times, if I try to extend the start by dragging the start handle left, it snaps to the end handle, requiring me to redraw the entire region. Seems to be associated with the region spanning more than one screenful while in galley view.


My experience is that you just have to drag close enough to the start of the desired bar for it to snap there, and it can take some time to redraw as you drag (more time for a larger score) because Dorico is recalculating the castoff as necessary. What I see temporarily while it’s redrawing is no region, rather than the region snapping to the endpoint.

That’s not what’s happening. When I start to drag, the start handle snaps to the end handle, moving the screen and my mouse to the end handle.

I’m not getting your results either. Does it work if you select it and Alt-arrow instead of dragging?

No. When the start handle gets to the left side of the screen, then Alt-arrow starts moving the end handle.

The only way I can get things to behave is to zoom out far enough that the entire region I want to cover is visible

Forget what I just said. Alt-arrow seems to be moving the entire region, start and end handle.

Alt-arrow should move the entire region and Alt-Shift-arrow should move just the end handle.

I really dislike using long slash regions because it makes copying anything complicated as you have to make sure to break the region first. I almost always just use 1 bar slash regions so it’s easy to copy bars anywhere in the score. If that workflow is helpful to you, you can create a slash region for 1 bar then RRRRR … to repeat it, or copy it, click the start of the region you want to paste it to, shift-click the end region, then paste.

I’m still wondering why I couldn’t reproduce the snap-to-end, even in a large score, with a region covering several pages, and the end of it definitely off screen. No scrolling for me, in either page or galley view.

Dunno. In general the dragging of these types of regions is rather clunky for me. A noticeable delay before the visual feedback of the drag begins, and a general clunky chunkiness of the visual feedback. It’s usable, but far from smooth.

That’s what I meant in my first post, that it can take quite a long moment for the screen to update. We are used to dragging an object and seeing continuous updating with other operations in other software (such as moving an icon), but there is so much more processing required for resizing a region (by any number of bars) in Dorico.