Interface latency on 5k display (Imac 5k)

On my mac GUI with a strong delay. Move the sound clip - half a second. Work in N8 is not possible now :confused:
Response time video interface is simply terrible
Apple Imac 5k,I7 - 4000ghz, 32 ram, AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4096 МБ

Is other software working fine?

Nuendo 7 - ok

But Nuendo 7 does not support 5k resolution ))

The problem concerns only the operating system sierra. Another computer and laptop with Yosemite work almost normal

Did you see this post?
or this?
Is there your issue?

A lot of bugs, had to return to 6.5 until they fix it (
One continuous problem, from the ceased work of hot keys of audio processes, finishing with the elementary processes (pitch, reverse audio) audio processes do not work, 32 bit plug-ins are not supported, half of video formats can not be read, GUI is terribly slow! I have a top imac! WTF ?? I do not understand why I need this version of Nuendo at all

v-touch, I would imagine you could actually upgrade to the latest 7.x though if you wanted. I would think there are possibly beneficial new features in it.

V-touch, I have similar issues here…in part due to Nuendo’s GUI generally being a lot slower on the Mac than the PC, but especially now with N8.
I’ve given up and bootcamped my Mac for working with N8 for now.

But it is a longstanding issue and afaik due in part to SB’s cross platform code. It really appears to be a PC native application with a Mac port.