Interface, Mixer, Controller for Cubase

Not sure if this has been asked yet on the forum, or this is even the right place to ask this, but I am looking for a sort of controller/interface/mixer such as the Zoom R16 for Cubase 12, but with better controller capabilities such as powered faders. If anyone has any suggestions about a setup like this that integrates well with Cubase, that would be greatly appreciated! I am also considering using either an Icon or Mackie MCU controller in addition to an audio interface, but would much rather have a smaller, singular device. Thanks.


What about Steinberg CC121?

Thanks for your response Martin! I have considered the CC121 but it is very hard to find, and if you do find a used one for sale it is pretty pricey (for a used product, imo). I also would like the option of using it as an audio interface, which CC121 does not have functionality for. I have found the PreSonus IO STATION 24C, which looks like it could be a good fit for my (very needy lol) specifications… except it doesn’t have MIDI input.

Take a look at the Yamaha TF1. It’s an incredible value - you get a full fledged digital mixer with 16 motorized faders, and it also functions as a 32 channel input/output interface. Might be overkill for what you’re looking for, but it works great as the centerpiece of my Cubase-based studio.

Wow, that’s a beast! Thanks for your input. That is pretty much what I am looking for, albeit on a much smaller scale (both physically and price-wise).

Behringer X touch series. Multiple options, sizes. Does the job at a very fair price.