Interface problem

Hi !

I’ve installed my mac session in the classroom I’m gonna teach in. I’m trying to set up a Behringer X32 to work as an audio interface.

I get it easily to playback from Logic, or from Max/Msp but I can’t find a way to make it work with cubase 7.

I can select the X-UF as interface, set the inputs and outputs but no sound comes out, and nothing’s happening on the meters either.

Could you tell me what’s wrong ? I’m losing a lot of time with this problem.

Thanks a lot and best regards


What Mac OS X version do you use? As far as I know, Cubase 7 is not compatible with latest Mac OS X versions. Especially, if Behringer is using Class Compliant driver (what I would expect).

Hi Martin !

Thanx for your answer ! Meanwhile I could solve my problem. I just changed my USB cable for a Firewire and now everything works perfectly.

For information, I’m on El Capitan with Cubase 7 and except a few graphic bugs with externals, it works just fine. Do you think I will have to upgrade by the next osx update ?

Thanks and best regards !