Interface to route cubase to external recorder

I’m ‘old school’ and use a Tascam 2488 for most of my recording.

I want to use a Cubase elements to record midi tracks (connected to external midi sound modules) and cubase instruments, and some audio.

I’m looking for an audio interface that would allow me to route the audio from Cubase back to my Tascam.

Any suggestions on an interface that could achieve this - I was looking at the UR series but the documentation seems a little lacking to conclude if the audio outs on these devices would work as I want

Many thanks



You could use any UR Audio Devices like this. Connect the Line Out of the Sound Module to the Input of the UR. Add an Audio Track to route the audio signal thru Cubase to the Output of the UR. Or you can use the Direct Monitoring on the UR Audio Device.

Thanks Martin

That’s just what I needed to know!