Interfaces And Soundcards

Hello Everyone - First Post So…
Using Cubase 4le with the R16 as an Interface for a year , upgraded to cubase 6 LOVE IT!!!
Beileve it or not ran all of this through an Audigy Series sound card , would master in cubase and spit all of that to the
windows Cd burner program. However NOW a year later , when I proceed to Open a Project after setting everything up I come to the 48KHZ problem . I have Edited about 18 Projects IN CUBASE 6 added some parts , played back no problem , Now
I can not sync or perhaps play at what I had Previously Played And Had Saved. These Projects were at 16 Bit / 44.1 and as said Played … I have alot to say , Anyone gone this Route …
Love To Hear your Thoughts