Interfacing ur22 and mx49

I recently purchased a Yamaha MX49 and already had a ur22. When they’re both plugged in, only 1 shows up in devices ( I use cubase 10 not PRO.) Does anyone know a way for Cubase to pick up both drivers? Do I need Pro? Is there hardware that interfaces interfaces??

More precisions needed…

  1. How is the MX49 connected ? Is it via MIDI DIN ccables to your UR22 or directly to the computer via the USB Host connector ?
  2. ‘…in devices’ : do you mean in Cubase MIDI Device Manager ?

Normally, you shouldn’t need to have the Pro versionto use both of them : all depends about how the MX49 is connected to your setup.

I have them both hooked up via USB to pc. And I’M pretty sure it’s a yes to the 2nd question. It’s found under studio setup (drop down menu top right of the screen. I think it’s VST something but if have to hook it back up to be sure). I’ll hook everything up if that helps but I think you got the gist.

Also, I didn’t try hooking the mx49 to the ur22… interesting…

It’s an old school way of seeing things : from experience, the less I use USB, the more I see things working as expected. The only USB related connection I have in my setup is the one between my MIDI/Audio interface and the computer. Everything else is connected either with audio (jack/XLR/ADAT) or MIDI DIN connectors.

In your case, things are more complicated. At first glance, I would use MIDI DIN connectors between the MX49 and the UR22 and connect the MX49 Outputs to the two UR22 inputs, but you wouldn’t have any audio inputs left and you’ll be unable to select voices/programs directly in Cubase (unless you create manually the needed presets/banks map after having defined the device in the MIDI Device Manager - another tedious job, but doable) . If you don’t mind these, I think it’s the way to go, as it will allow you to use both at the same time.

OTOH, using the USB connection will avoid these pitfalls but you won’t be able to use both the MX49 and the UR22 at the same time : only one ASIO driver can be used, at least on a Windows based setup (under MacOS, things are different, I think, with aggregated devices, but I’m unable to talk about it further). So, if the MX49 isn’t recognized by the UR22 Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver, you’re out of luck, at least, on a Windows based setup. It’s the main reason why I avoid as much as I can any USB device beside the audio/MIDI interface one…

Sounds complicated but I’ll research your ideas. I was thinking of just playing the mx thru an amp and mic it up. Probably get a lot of interference tho.
Thanks for your help

Seeing the MX49 documentation, you should be able to use the USB connection only for MIDI tasks (MIDI recording in Cubase, presets management after defining the the MX49 as a MIDI device in the MIDI Devices manager) while using the MX49 outputs as UR22 inputs - this time, to be able to record directly the MX49 audio signals in Cubase.

Beside this, I wouldn’t use a mic to record the MX49 through an amp : this way of doing is great for guitars/basses, as the cab is a part of the sound that you get, but it isn’t for a synth where neither distorsion nor cab interaction is supposed to occur, this, leaving beside the head scratching choice of the relevent mic and the bandwidth limitation.

Hope you’ll find the relevent configuration for your needs… :slightly_smiling_face: