Intermittent Click Since 6.05 Update

Hi there is anyone out there suffering with the built in cubase audio metronome going silent every 2nd or 3rd beat and then other times you will hear beat 1,2,3 and not on the 4th if so does anyone have any ideas on how to solve it. I am using a yamaha n12 and a motif xs via the ysfw win 7 64bit and this problem is driving me nuts please help ? :neutral_face:

I had that issue here on OSX 10.7.2 as well. I went and checked the metronome setup and it was set to 3/4/ time
which was odd since I dont do ANY stuff in 3/4. I would check those windows to be sure

Hi Shanabit

Thanks for your reply its definately set to 4/4 timing in the transport bar but i also checked the metronome setup and there is no option for this in the setup you can only activate midi or audio click in cubase 6. I also get the odd occasion where notes drop out, stick or contionously play until i do a bulk dump using the motif xs vst software it. Sorry i forgot to mention my specs im using 16 gb of ddr3 ripsaw 1600 ram,i7 2600k and i am also using a ti chipset pci firewire card which is compatiable according to yamaha’s website this issue is really bugging me out because i have spent hours trying to sort it out do you or maybe anyone else have anymore suggestions please thanks in advance ?

I have this issue on 5 and now 6 also. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Can you please verify if the problem goes away when you turn off multi-processing? Although not really a solution, I can verify that on my system it fixes the metronome problem. Hopefully, Steinberg is looking into that for the next update…

Hi etl17 i have tried your suggestions but it has not made a difference the only improvement i have mangaed to stumble across is to change my ti chipset firewire driver to ohci legacy driver but even after doing that i still do get drops outs after every say 40 - 60 secs now instead of every 2 or 3 secs before

Try trashing Prefs, see sig.

Thanks mashedmitten I will try this and let you know how i get on ?

Has anyone fixed this by trashing pref and then reinstalling the pref’s?

This is so unaccaptable.
Unfortunatelly, I still experience the problem (even with multi-processing off).
Turning off multi-processing and increasing latency makes the problem occur less often, but it seems like it never really goes away.
The only reliable click is through MIDI (but even at that Cubase doesn’t remember the MIDI click assignment setting between sessions)…