Intermittent Mouse Wheel Scrolling

I updated to the 8.0.10 update when it came out but didn’t experience this problem until recently, so I don’t think it’s directly related to 8.0.10 or a bug per se. Has anybody else experienced this? About a couple weeks ago I noticed that suddenly, only every now and then, that the Shift+Scroll Wheel and CTL+Scroll Wheel zooming/locating were working only intermittently. It’s not even a case of it working in some projects and not others, it’s like every few minutes it’ll work, and then it won’t.

I wondered if it might be an issue where the project window wasn’t active, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Starting to wonder if it’s a recent Windows update thing.

Win 7 Pro 64 SP1 w/Cubase 8.0.10

any takers?


In my case (possibly yours too?), I always have to fiddle around with the mixer view before shift+scroll wheel will work. It seems that in order to use shift+scroll wheel in the project window, the mixer has to be brought to the front using Windows+Tab or flicked off and on again using F3, or something. It’s always such an irritating interruption.

I am not going to read the inevitable “defending” post in this thread. Please just fix this.

I’ll try that thanks. I wonder if this is Aero-related somehow.