Internal Browser of GA4 does not show all presets

Last week I posted here where to find the Groove Agent one content, as I did not find one of its Presets in GA4.
It turned out that the content was already installed but I could not find the preset in GA4s internal browser/Media Bay.
I searched a little bit and found out:
In Cubase’ mediabay I see 464 presets for GA4, in GA4s own mediabay I see only 377 presets. Upon investigating further I found out that the presets that I see in the internal mediabay are tagged “Instrument”, the ones I don’t see are tagged “instrument|Drum”
Why is this so, how can I make it that it shows all presets within the Instruments browser ? Can I change the Tag to “Instrument” somehow ?
I noticed that with other steinberg vstis, too.