Internal Busses/Routing from Instrument tracks to Audio Trac

I have just moved from Protools 10 to Nuendo 6.

I have a session which has 28 instrument tracks and am wanting to do a realtime bounce to 28 Audio Tracks without having to do each individual track through the Export-Audio Mixdown function as this is far too slow.

Is there a way in which i can use Virtual Busses not my hardware busses to route from Instrument Track 1 to Audio Track 1 etc… In Protools i could use up to 127 internal busses that were independant of hardware inputs and outputs to get midi and instrument tracks onto audio tracks.



3 ways to do this:

  1. Use audio export, but do all tracks at the same time from the individual Instrument tracks. It should be faster than real time, and you should only have to press the export button once. You can also use “Import into project” if you want them in your project.
  2. Create groups, route you Instrument tracks to these groups (make sure that they are not routed anywhere), create your audio tracks and put the input to these tracks as the output to your groups.
  3. Same as above but using unconnected outputs set-up in VST connections.

First one is the best one.


Thankyou so by selecting each individual track rather than output 1-2 i can export individual files?

Thanks again

Yes, DG’s method 1.

Just remember: Use ‘Channel Batch Export’ and select the tracks you want to bounce. Otherwise they’ll end up in one file.