Internal Cubase plug-ins are displayed with simple GUI

Cubase 12.0.52
Since a few weeks the internal plug-ins of Cubase are only displayed with sliders. The fancy surfaces of the Cubase 12 plug-ins are not displayed. My C11 installation still shows the correct graphics. Something seems to have changed in my case. HDPI is active in both C11 and C12.

Does anyone know where the switch is?


Is that on all the internal plugins? That would be a bit weird, tbh. Usually, you can switch manually to the generic editor, but on the next plugin you insert it should be back to normal. I am not aware of a preference that changes that globally.

Hi All. I have exactly the same issue since yesterday (16 Nov 2023). Out of the blue. Updated to Cubase 12.070 and restarted. Still no change. All my plugins look like the screenshot shown. Lines only.
Desperate for a solution. Don’t see anyone with a fix on the internet so far!:confused:.
Ps. I am on Windows 11