Internal Keyboard has delay/latency on new Samsung Tab S6

I have installed the current version 3.1.2 on an Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 - the fastest Galaxy Tab available.
When I use the internal keys to play midi I have a delay of ca. 500 milliseconds.
The same installation on my Smartphone Samsung S10 has not such a problem.

How can I customize the performance for the internal keyboard?

At first startup of Cubasis on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 I had also an performance issue while playback the demo song, but this I could solve by raising the enginge buffering from 20 ms to 30 ms.

Thanks for help!

Hi christoph20,

Thank you for your message.

Please have a look at our Cubasis 3 Performance article, to check if it is of help to solve the problem:

Best wishes,

Hi Lars,

thank you for the link.
I have no performace issues while paying songs with multiple instruments,
My only Problem is the delay while using the interna Keys and pads.

I have some new information:
After rebooting the tablet the internal keys and pads works correctly.
I have testet it 2 times.
Before using Cubasis on Android Tablet Samsung S6 I have to reboot it.

This was also a tip in your link. Thank you.
May be that some running Apps are the problem.
My Smartphone Samsung S10 Has Not this problem.