Internal Soundcloud Uploader (error)

Using Wavelab 8.0.4 windows 8 pc

If I try to use the internal soundcloud uploader I cannot reach the website and the file will not upload, help? why does the program no longer reach the soundcloud server?

SoundCloud has changed their protocol, and a WaveLab update will be needed.

will that be possible because I’m running the 8.0.4 version and I haven’t upgraded to 8.5 yet.

The SoundCloud protocol was changed recently. It’s the same problem in 8.5.

I think the question was whether this correction will be made in the 8.0 series as well as the 8.5 series.


yeah I’d say soundcloud can’t establish a risk management protocol for their database and therefore Steinberg should just move forward with a legitimate source that allows users to upload to a full fledged sales distribution site from within Steinberg. Rebeat is okay but now really, they say they’ll offer stuff they can’t promise. I’m sure you’ve thought about this.