Interrupting playback takes me back to the playback cursor?

I’m going through an orchestral piece, having it play back, looking for edits to make.
Aha! here’s one.
But as soon as I stop playback to make the edit, the screen changes and I’m back to where the playback started, so then I have to hunt down the spot that was on the screen a moment ago, which is frustrating
Dorico didn’t use to do this. I’d like it to stop doing this. Maybe there’s already a way to alter that behaviour, in one of the preference-sets or panels, but I don’t know even how to ask the question in a way that isn’t long-winded and hybrid-narrative, like this.
Any help would be appreciated.j

I must not understand: in Write mode, when I click the square “stop” button on the menu bar, the playback cursor disappears, but the screen remains as it was so I can make any edit change and then (by pressing the “play” arrowhead in the menu bar) proceed with the playback from my stopping point.

Have I misunderstood you? Are you initiating playback in a mode other than Write mode?

Dear Derrek and John B,
I am quite surprised here : I noticed the same behavior that John experiences and I was annoyed — I did not remember it used to work differently… And I just tried again to make sure I had the same problem, and boom. Everything is working as expected. I will be very careful about that issue, and when it comes back, I’ll post here.

I shall try clicking on that button–I usually try to do as much as I can just with the keyboard, and often forget there are other ways–so thanks for the tip.

Yes, it doesn’t always happen, and not surprisingly I soon get engrossed in working on the music and forget about the problem, until it happens again. Another thing that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t is double-clicking at a rhythmic position to get a note-entry cursor: sometimes that just stops working, and then at some other point it does, unpredictably. But that’s maybe a different issue (other issues I have I know will be fixed for the next update though, so I’m looking forward to that).j

Same here. I thought I had reproduced it by

  • select a note
  • do ‘play from selection’
  • after screen scrolls and selected note is out of sight, hit stop.

view jumps to selection.

Though I reproduced it once, but could not repro again.