Interval Popover in custom Tonality Systems

The Interval Popover (Shift-I) does nothing when I use it in a 22EDO Tonality System. The manual mentions what should be typed for quarter-tones in 24EDO so I assume Interval Popover only works in 12EDO and 24EDO. Is this a problem that’s being addressed?

I know that transposition and enharmonic equivalents in microtonal systems are difficult to handle and that Dorico isn’t able to do them correctly yet. But I only want to be able to add an octave doubling to a line quickly (with Shift-I). What’s the second-fastest way of doing that?

Probably the second-fastest way would be to copy the music, paste it into a new voice, transpose it up an octave, then cut it and paste it back into the original voice. Not particularly speedy, I will grant you!