Intra-token formatting

I have multiline text in the copyright field of project info. One of those lines needs to be italic, the rest standard text. Is this possible with the copyright token or should I not use the token in this case?

I need the same format, and I’ve never been able to make it work. I just make a combination of token (regular) and added text (italics) for the copyright info. Sometimes tokens are a benefit, sometimes they’re a wash.

I do wish copy-pasting text between frames preserved formatting…

You can always use more than one token to do the job.

If you do this:

You get this:

Thanks - I had similar ideas on the workarounds as well. Wasn’t sure if I needed to execute them or not.

By the way; Dan, if you’re manually copying text from individual text frames on individual pages, then you can retain the formatting if you copy the text frame itself. You do that by selecting the frame you want to copy, clicking (or Cmd/Ctrl-clicking multiple) page(s) in Engrave mode’s right panel, and right-clicking.

If you already know this, then hopefully someone else will stumble upon it in six months’ time and find it useful!

I didn’t know this, and it’s a huge help. I’ll add it to the Beginner’s Guide. Thanks!