Intresting Isuue with crashing

Hi everyone,
I have a small issue here. I have had intermediate times where where I go to open a cubase 5 session, during the loading process the program will crash and wont open the session and no matter how may times I try to shut down and re-open the session it wont open.

I narrowed the problem down and I think what is happening is that if I use the VST DRUMAGOG to replace a drum hit, for example the kick drum, it works fine and I can open and close the session with out an issue. However, if I were to add a 2nd instance for the drumagog to another track, then after closing the session and trying to re-open it Cubase 5 crashes. So it seems to be having an issue with drumagog from time to time. It doesn’t always happen but when it does, I can no longer get the session to open and then I have lost everything.

My question is, is there a way to somehow get around this so I can get the session to open and then dis-engage the vst plug so I can relieve the issue? I dont have any clue on what to do.

The error says “unexpected error” and when I look at the detail it lists drumagog as the last item before crashing. Funny thing is that I have used drumagog for years now and it does not happen all the time. I would say 80% of the time it’s not an issue.

Does anyone have an secretes on how I can get my session to open?

Thanks in advance

Try increasing the buffer size for your ASIO driver, under Device Settings > Control Panel

Could you clarify: does Cubase crash at the splash screen or while loading the project?

it crashes when loading the specific project. not the splash screen…I’ll doulbe check that but I am 99% sure of that

Not sure how to remedy the issue, but to help avoid it, try saving “project as” with maybe “2” or “a” after the project name before adding a new instance of the drumagog. That way you can at least go back to the previous step before any crashes occur. Have you tried opening the project from the file as well as from the recent projects? double clicking on the projrct ile with cubase not open maybe… Might be worth trying. Good luck!

Yes, I have tried opening the project in several different ways to see if that made any difference but it didn’t. Moving forward, I plan to save a 2nd version of the project in case this happens again. However, that does not help me with the few projects I already have this issue with.

Not the happiest solution, but are the tracks in the projects continuous or were there punch-ins? Worse case scenario you could litterally start a new project and import all of the audio files from the other un-openable project’s AUDIO folder. Then there woud be the matter of organizing and lining everything up. How difficult it is depends upon how complicated the tracking was originally.

I suppose that would work, but then like you said we are starting over from scratch and EVERYTHING need to be re-done. Now I am afraid of ever using drumagog again because I dont want to go through this again. I wonder why Cubase has difficulty with this because like I said, I have used drumagog many times in the past and it was not an issue opening a project after I closed it.

This is very frustrating to say the least! :wink:

I hear that! I have had a few issues in the past, and I can tell you that when I have not had luck coming up with solutions in here, the customer service people have always been a great help when I have called them.

do you know the number you called here in the USA

I don’t think there is a number you can call here in USA. I would fill out the support form in MySteinberg, be sure to include this:[keyword_search]=crash

yeah, I’m American, but live in Europe. If you have a decent calling plan or a calling card it might be worth it.

Here’s another idea - if the problem is with one of the VST instruments you chose, you could try opening the project without activating it:

  • open another project, one that doesn’t cause a problem
  • then, without closing the first, open the problem project, and when prompted say “No” to activating it.

If it opens that way, go through your tracks and name them with the instrument/patch they play so you don’t lose that info.

I’m not sure which VSTs you are using, but be aware that when you create Instrument tracks, you are creating a unique instance of the VST for that track. So, for example, if you were creating several drum tracks, you may have several instances of the GrooveAgent (for example) open. An alternative for that scenario would be to have 1 instance of GrooveAgent added to the VST Instruments rack (F11), and then re-assign the outputs on those Intrument tracks to that 1 instance… It saves a tremendous amount of CPU power. You can do the same thing with effects by using FX tracks instead of adding instances of effects to each individual track’s Inserts.

It’s possible that the problem is one particular VST instrument - either on an Instrument track or in the VST Instruments rack. I once had a problem with a hacked version of Absynth (which I have since thrown away) crashing Cubase all the time. If you have a suspicious VST, try removing it while you are in “inactive” mode.

After making all those changes to your project, close Cubase and try to open the problem project again. It might work, if the root cause of the problem was Cubase running out of CPU from loading so many VSTs.