Introducing musical notes by hand

I bought Cubase Pro 11 to write scores and use VSTi.
To insert musical notes I use midi keyboard. The problem is that I don’t want to make recordings of musical notes but I want to enter musical notes using the midi keyboard and not the mouse or the keyboard of the laptop.

I used to edit this message.
Thanks for reading and I hope you help me.


Use the Step Input in any MIDI editor (Key Editor, Score Editor, Drum Editor, List Editor), please.

For writing Scores, I would rather recommend Dorico. It can also use VSTis.

This version has no Step Input

This version has no Step Input

something is not well with his software elicenser, with his audio out put, with step imput, and probably with more things …
in my mind is the idea of asking for money back from its developers.


To input notes with MIDI Step Input:

  • create a part on a MIDI/Instrument track (for example with the Draw tool)
  • select the part
  • in the top-right corner of the Key Editor, click the cog wheel to add Step/MIDI Input if it isn’t in the toolbar already
  • activate the Step Input (orange icon in the below picture)

Then you can just input notes on your keyboard. The length of the notes is set by your chosen Quantize Preset. The notes are placed at the position of the blue cursor, you can move the cursor with the left and right arrow keys.

You have done the best choice :wink:


The Step Input button is at the top of the Score Editor window:


If you cannot see it, click on this button and select it on the list that appears to make it appear:


Hello Maestro !

it was in setup toolbar

As you are using the Score Editor in the Lower Zone, the button to unhide Step Input is there:


now i work to make him to play sounds.
yesterday afternoon it worked, but today it not wanted to play sounds. probably is from ASIO link with laptop’s sound system