Introductory questions: fonts, rests

I’m just trying out the demo at the moment, and have a few questions.

  1. I have November2, which is supposd to be a SMuFL font. But it’s not in the list of SmuFL fonts that I can change to.

  2. Many font styles are note available. For instance, I want to select Minion Condensed Caption, but that is not showing.

  3. I’ve imported a Music XML file, and even though I have the prefs set to combine rests in different voices together, they are all still floating apart. Is there a global way to force this?


Nice to see you here, Ben.

  1. The Engrave > Music Fonts dialog will only list SMuFL-compliant fonts for which Dorico can locate the JSON metadata files that tell Dorico how it can use the font. In version 1.0.10, such files are not read from the proper location stipulated in the SMuFL specification, but rather from inside the application bundle (i.e. right-click the Dorico icon in your Applications folder, choose Show Package Contents, then go into Contents/Resources/fonts/metadata, where you will find the bravura_metadata.json file). If you have the November2.json file, put it alongside the existing bravura_metadata.json file, and it will then show up in the Music Fonts dialog.

The forthcoming 1.0.20 update will allow Dorico to use the correct location for SMuFL metadata. I know that Robert is also working on an update for November2 that will automatically install the metadata file in the right location.

  1. Are you looking in the Font Styles dialog or the Paragraph Styles dialog? You should be able to choose all extended styles in a font family in the Paragraph Styles dialog, but the Font Styles dialog only currently allows the choice of the basic four families (roman, italic, bold, bold italic).

  2. Dorico imports the rests as they are shown in the original MusicXML file. If you select them and hit Delete, you should find that they start to be consolidated together with the rests in the other sounding (or I suppose it is more accurate to say resting) voice.

Thanks for this, Daniel.

So how do I amend the Paragraph Styles to adjust the Lyric font to use a Style that’s not in Font Styles?

So, JSON files are sort of like Finale’s FAN files. Cool.

Is there any way of generating a JSON file? I have a SmuFL font that doesn’t seem to have one. (Leipzig.)

Daniel, I’ve imported a longer piece into Dorico and it’s very time consuming to change all the rests (which were notated a bit strange in the XML-File). I hope it will be possibile to make this faster in this future: a filter option for rests to delete them all in one go or an option during XML-import to notate rests without any forced notations or at least signposts to find these forced rests much easier.

Hello !

Have you read this in a former thread ?

This workaround doesn’t work for rests.
I’ve attached a few bars. Another strange observation: if you select the first rest of bar 2 (Trumpet 1), the second rest will be selected as well (because the rest was a dotted half rest in the XML-file). In the properties this rest isn’t shown as “forced”.
Test (1.51 MB)

Even better would be options when importing MusicXML to ignore various things such as forced accidentals and rest formatting for a whole piece, and let Dorico handle them its own way.

I can create it quickly for you (or Daniel can, whichever). Send me a PM if you’re interested. I’m kind of surprised it doesn’t have one already, though.

So, it is impossible to use Condensed or Book typeface styles as Lyric fonts? We can only use “Light, Normal, DemiBold, Bold and Black”…?
Or is there a workaround?

At the moment, it’s impossible, but we will rework this as soon as we can so that you can use any font. You’d have to employ a really foul workaround for the time being, e.g. creating a special version of the font that tells the system it’s a regular weight, but is actually e.g. the condensed weight.


Will your re-working include the ability to mix styles within the same verse lyric (i.e. roman and italic, to distinguish editorial emendations, and for macaronic lyrics)? You did say this you would get to this, in response to my question on a MakingNotes post. The absence of this means that I will (reluctantly) continue with Sibelius for choirbook transcription work for now.

I’m really impressed with Dorico, and looking forward to 1.0.20, and to what it will become in future.

Michael Aves

You can make individual lyrics within a line italic using a new property provided in the forthcoming 1.0.20 update, which will hopefully satisfy this requirement.

Thank you Daniel. This sounds just the ticket!


Did the json ever get created for this? what is the process to create one for Leipzip?

Also curious if anyone ever created a json for Aloisen

This is quite an old thread from 2016: there have been several others since. Dorico can now select any style of a given typeface, e.g. Black Condensed Caption Italic, etc.

Leipzig is available here: verovio/fonts at develop · rism-digital/verovio · GitHub

And a JSON file is here. verovio/fonts/json at develop · rism-digital/verovio · GitHub

If you’re looking for more SMuFL fonts, you may like to try Sebastian, which I had a hand in.

I tried AloisenU, but it wasn’t very good. Lots of inconsistencies and not very good symbols.

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