Intros and fills in Groove Agent 5

I have been watching some videos about Groove Agent. The videos are for GA4. I had GA4 but GA5 replaced it.

In the videos, there are pads that are colored differently. The main patterns are one color, the fills another. Then on another tab, there are intros and endings. But when I opened GA5 today, there was only one tab that was loaded with patterns. The bottom two rows would play the main pattern. The upper two rows didn’t play when I hit the play button. But some of them would make an individual sound each time I hit the pad. (Those would have been the fills according to the videos dealing with GA4.) All the other tabs had empty pads.

So are the intros and endings still in GA5? Did I just chose the wrong kit to load?

Also in the video, one of the tabs would show a drum kit and you could click on the various drums and hear how they sounded with the pattern selected. Is that still there? I couldn’t find that either. I’m not all that concerned about this. I just hope the intros and endings are still there.


I went back and watched some of the videos again and I figured most of most of my questions out.

I’ve noticed that’s how you get the best answers around here.