Intrument channel not showing (only midi)

Hello everybody,

Everytime I add an instrument track to my workflow I only get to see the midi channel. There is no new channel created for the VST instrument.

Is this a bad thing?

How can I change this?

Thanks in advance!


The Instrument Track is a combination of MIDi track (in the Project window) and the audio Channel (in the MixConsole). So in the MixConsole, there is only one Channel.

Is this what you mean?

Hello Martin,

Thanks for the reply.
In the mixer window I have only one track (just like in the workflow)

But recently I used a template and then I hade 1 instrument channel and 1 midi channel.

Is this some kind of preset?

That’s most likely a rack instrument as opposed to a track instrument. (Same instruments, different ways of loading to project)