Intuitiveness of single rests into number (multi-bar rests)

This is somewhat of a rant but I spent an hour trying to figure out how to get multi-bar rests to appear. Why is it that there is no select objects and right click solution for this. It should be as easy as creating empty individual bars, selecting them using the mouse , right-click then an option that says clump bars into multi-bar rests. Why is it not this easy?

It should be automatic. What do you have selected in Layout Options/Players for the Layout that is missing them? If you don’t have this selected, then select it:

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By default, Dorico only consolidates adjacent empty bars rest into multi-bar rests in part layouts, and not in score layouts.

As described above, you can change this on a per-layout basis.

Typing “multi-bar rests” into the Help pages gives the page Lillie linked to as the first result.
Dorico is not the sort of app where you can just browse round the interface and discover everything you might need to do.

Because it’s not an operation that you perform on a selection (which might not be all the bars). It’s a property of a given Layout.

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Please allow me a question out of pure curiosity: Why would somebody need multi-bar rests in a score layout…?

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I’ve needed it a bunch of times, usually when I’ve had to write a big band score to accompany an existing ensemble, or write strings to accompany an existing big band chart. In those situations there never is a fully complete score created, but there still needs to be a score for the instruments that were added in order for them to be rehearsed.

Here’s an example. I had to write a big bang arrangement of Xalapa Bang, but I couldn’t really change the format of the original tune by the Villalobos Brothers as they would be playing with the ensemble and not reading any music. For any sections where it was just their band playing, the big band had multibar rests in the score.

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Oh, I see.

So, could you create a new empty player layout and assign all the players to it?
And you could assign the score page template set to it.

Or you could just change the layout option for the score…?


Yep, that’s what I do now in these situations. Just takes a single click!