Intuos Tablet in Cubase 6 (vs. 5)


Does anybody out there use a tablet (Intuos 3 in my case) as a primary or secondary editing device within Cubase?
While Cubase 5 properly recognized a single tap as a click, Cubase 6 needs a double-click or a minimal position change (slide) after tapping. (As could be expected, operations with top menu navigation items and windows - moving, resizing etc. - present no issues.)
It does seem like an easy-to-fix issue to me, and although I am aware of its rather low priority, I would be very grateful if it was addressed sooner or later in a patch. But to be considered a bug, there have to be other people reporting/confirming the problem, right?
So, if there is somebody experiencing this issue and finding it inconvenient, please respond.

Thank you.

You should post this in Cubase 6 forum, there is a lot more traffic

OK, I have done so.