Invalid Argument Error Message - Can't Save

Cubase is behaving oddly.

I just upgraded to Cubase 11, although most of my session automatically open in Cubase 10 that is still installed. When I try to open the sessions using Cubase 11, or even start a new session, it loads forever and eventually I have to force quit or shut my system down.

Now, in my session I have open in Cubase 10, I just got this “Invalid Argument” error message and it would not save.

“The project could not be saves, because: The unexpected error occurred. The system’s description is: invalid argument. The previous version of the project has been left unchanged.”

I also got “safe mode” error message from Cubase when I booted my system back up after Cubase 11 crashed. Can anyone help to me to understand what’s going on and solve this?



The crash file seems to come from Cubase 10.0. Am I missing something?

Could you share the file, please?

Cubase 10_2022-02-18-225307_Loras-Mac-mini-2.crash (562.5 KB)

Here is the crash report. I guess it must have crashed from Cubase 10. I get confused because it doesn’t seem to be opening Cubase 11 , it’s automatically opening Cubase 10.


As far as I can see, this is Cubase 10.0.5. Please, update to the latest Cubase 10.0 version. Or let’s focus to the issue Cubase 11 doesn’t start.

Double-check the license, please. And double-check you have Cubase 11 installed.