"Invalid project file" dialog when opening project


I have quite a few Cubase project files that have failed me lately. I have been quick to update between 12.0.50, to 12.0.51 and then 12.0.52. I don’t know if it is this change of version that have caused these problems, or not.
When attempting to open one of these files I get the error message “Invalid project file…”. I have attached one examples, but I have more.
Invalid project file Chicken - Jaco Pastorius_210405
Invalid project file Express Yourself - Lettuce (Moises 221105)

I’m running on Windows 10 Pro.

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Express Yourself - Lettuce (Moises 221105).cpr (657.6 KB)

I can confirm the same error message with the file you uploaded.
Never had the same issue myself so sounds like something on your system is corrupting the files.

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Same here, neither C11 or C12 can open it. Same error message, also if I try to import the tracks from the project.
Do you have backup files from the automatic backup maybe? You could try those…

Never had a corrupted file here either, as far as I can remember. It shouldn’t be the problem of a newer version, but I have not idea what could have caused this, sorry.

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I am afraid that Cubase has corrupted your files and they are unrecoverable.

I had the same problem in the middle of a massive project which problem nearly caused me a coronary…

Cubase is full of bugs and it can be extremely unstable,

Save as regularly as you can, as ‘Save New Version’ , back up as much as you can,

In this instance, look at your back-up files, you might be able to rescue the project this way.

Sorry, I know this sucks but I had the same problem and never managed to recover the files, thankfully, I had backups that were adequate.

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Thank you for the replies. I cannot guarantee that it is Cubase causing these issues, but I have only had issues with Cubase project files this far, which makes me suspicious. I will be more careful with continuous backups from now on. All affected projects were rather small and new, so not the biggest effort to recreate them.

Again, appreciate the input!
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