"Invalid Project file" Issue


Anyone know about the “Invalid Project file” thing? I first thought it was my older version issue, but it’s happening again after I switched to 8.5.

It’s okay when I first start a project, but on the second or third day as the project develops, and has multiple saved versions, or maybe some inserts… Whatever. This thing;

“Invalid Project file” error pops up.

Can’t open the file. If I’m lucky, I can open the previous one and build it up again, but if I’m not, all the files from the same project that I try to open begins to get screwed up. Like 70% of the time I can open the screwed up files directly from the saved folder, and not from Cubase, but they are unstable. ‘Save As’ does not solve the problem. Reopening Cubase or starting my pc again does not work.

Funny thing is that files from other projects are fine.

I do think there is a certain pattern before it happens… Somehow the project does not play right? Cubase begins to skip some bars, or tracks when playing. But then, sometimes they work fine the next day.

BTW, I’m on Windows 7 64bit. Projects are saved in an external hard drive.

Tried reinstalling Windows and everything from scratch when it first began to happen. But guess that did not help.

Please help me before I slay another icecream bar after dumping 4hrs in attempt to fix this…