Invalid Project File Won't Open

Hi there, I need some help opening a project file. It was working just yesterday and today when I tried to load the track I got an Invalid Project File message. I’ve read similar topics in the forums and tried the suggestions there (rebooting, starting up in safe mode etc…) but it doesn’t seem to fix the problem. I can’t load the back up versions of it either.

If anyone can help me sort this out I’ll be in your debt forever! I’ve been working on this track for over a month now and all that work disappearing would be devastating. Thanks in advance!

hi - odd that the backups don’t open ? Did you try them all, have you tried loading other projects ?

can you supply more details:

cubase version

Hey thanks for the speedy response. Anything I’ve done over the past week (other projects as well) won’t load, I’m getting the same invalid file message. Older projects do seem to be loading. I think this is due to a hard drive problem of some sorts. When I view the file itself it says it was last modified on January 17th, despite the fact I had just saved the thing yesterday. I’m not sure how it happened but it looks like the hard drive decided to erase data and now won’t load the project. I’ve repaired and rescanned the drive but it didn’t fix the problem so I’m going to assume this work has been lost unfortunately. The good news is my manual backups (not the autosave ones) for the track still work (last one I did was mid December) but I’m going to have to go re-record the rest of it.

hi bensin

I did a bit of googling whilst working out what it could be - and yes, unfortunately, a dodgy hard drive is one option. Especially if it doesn’t load other ‘known good’ projects and is doing something odd with modification dates.

You don’t mention if it’s windows/mac but worth looking in the windows (system) event log - or looking at the ‘smart’ information for the drive. And do a full virus scan, just in case.

if the drive is failing then best backup what you can and retire it - it will save tears later.

Sorry forgot to mention I’m using Windows 10 Home Edition. I usually back stuff up to a separate drive once a month or so but I was a bit tardy this time around and got burned instantly. Thanks for your help and make sure you always hug your projects often and tell them that you love them, you never know when they’ll be taken away from us :sob:

very true :smiley: