Inversion & retrogradation?

I’m not able to find where can I invert melodic lines or do a retrogradation with them.

Is Dorico able to do this (may be with a plugin or something like that?), in the same way Finale or Sibelius already are able to do it?

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No, these functions do not yet exist, but we hope to add them relatively soon.


I’d also be really happy to see this function soon! Any updates regarding it?



any progress on this its driving me mad doing it manually :slight_smile:

Nope… and not convinced it’s planned on the next major update — I do not recall anything about that in the articles about v.3
Your best bet could be to use the notation program you used before and use xml export to create the proper file in Dorico once note input is done.

I don’t know if this will help anyone or not. I have an excel spreadsheet from my student days that will generate inversions, retrogrades, and retrograde inversions on all pitch classes for note sequences 12 notes or less in Forte analysis numbers or traditional note format. I’m happy to email it to anyone interested.

Is there any update on this? Can it be expected soon? This is such a time saver in Sibelius! As a composer this is more valuable than most printing or layout options. It has to do with getting notes on the page, and that is the most fundamental thing.


No, there is no update to this. My un-informed hunch as a mere user is that I don’t think it’s imminent.

As a composer > dealing in serialism and such> , this is more valuable than most printing or layout options.

Fixed that for you. That’s not at all to pick a fight, but I suspect the number of composers who regularly use retrograde and inversion is sufficiently low as to not warrant development time at this point. But again, that’s just an assumption. And no statement of whether I personally think it’s helpful or not.

Can we have augmentation and diminution also, please? It would help my canon writing. (Actually 35? years ago when I first saw Finale, I was disappointed that it was not a feature… At the time I was preparing orchestral parts for a performance of the Musical Offering, and it would have been a great help…)

You can already copy the notes of a canon to another staff and halve or double the note values.

I’d also be happy to see the retrograde & inversion functions provided.


Are composition tools like retrograde, inversion etc. on the horizon for the next release? It looks like this question has been asked for a few years now.

They’re not going to be included in the next major release, no, but they remain on our backlog and certainly we plan to implement them.

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Another vote for Inversion and retrograde, thanks.

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one more vote for this functionality or a plugin. An API that would enable me to developed a solution would be nice.



Yes. Dear Dorico Team, please, as soon as practicable. Thank you.