inverting automation

Is there a quick way to invert automation? I have a plucking guitar track and i change the stereo panning in each pluck. I want to out the reverb on the opposing side by copying and inverting the automation. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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I can’t think of any quick way, but it is possible, by a method that is anything but quick! :wink: (probably not worth the effort, but, briefly)…

  1. Use the Range tool, to copy the automation down to a dummy MIDI track’s volume automation.
  2. Solo the MIDI track, set L and R Locators, then do MIDI menu>Merge MIDI in Loop.
    This creates a new MIDI Part, with the volume automation now transformed into MIDI CC#7, inside the Part.
  3. Select the CC#7 data, then use the Logical Editor to Mirror Value 2 around a centre of 64.
  4. MIDI menu>Functions>Extract MIDI Automation.
    This now re-converts the mirrored CC#7 data into Volume Automation on the MIDI track.
  5. Use the Range Tool again, to paste that mirrored Automation back to the desired track.

If there is a more efficient way, I’d love to lean it myself :wink:.

(and apologies for such a complicated reply to your very first post here :slight_smile: )

Thanks, that’s faster than nothing and better than having the echo a little off every other note.