Invisible Noteheads

Is there a way to create a notehead with 0% opacity and always hide ledger lines? It’s annoying to have to do this in the properties every time. Am I missing something with setting properties “globally”, perhaps?

I think the hiding ledger lines probably has to be done to individual notes, but the invisible notehead part you can make easier by creating a headless notehead set.

The problem with a headless notehead set is that there doesn’t seem to be an option to set the notehead to 0% opacity. (Is there?) Using nothing as the notehead then creates an issue when trying to select the note, which is why I preferred setting the opacity.

In Daniel’s steps that I linked to, he uses the technique of entering empty text spaces as the notehead, which a number of users have used as it leaves something you can select later. It’s up to you which method you prefer of course :slight_smile:

My mistake. I should’ve read in detail.

Not sure which I prefer, as it’s still difficult to select the notes. The issue is that I typically use this in conjunction with glissandi and the glissando line is often easier to select. Anyway, I do wish opacity and hiding stems and ledger lines could be globally selected for note sets. Thank you for responding.

Dear afewnotes,
Maybe you should explore the record macro feature. Its result is usermacro (on my mac it’s not far from my own keycommand.json, in the user library /application support /Steinberg /Dorico 3.5), and if you change the name, it will remain in the macro menu.

Select all the notes you wish to hide then change the opacity to 0, if I understand your problem.