Invoking various extended techniques for percussion (such as "bowed" & "scraped")?

I’m trying to invoke some techniques for percussion such as bowed (for vibraphone and suspended cymbals), and scraped (for cymbals). I’m using NotePerformer4 with the Cinesamples Playback Engine for CinePerc which has all these sampled techniques available for use– just not sure how to invoke them since when I load the playback technique popover or look in the techniques panel for percussion, it’s not possible to add.

As a matter of fact, CinePerc has a massive wealth of cool techniques and stick/mallet options available that I would love to learn how to invoke using the playback techniques popover. Is it possible and if so, how? Thank you!

Arne is the best person to answer this question, but I saw this thread which seems to be related to your question, though it probably doesn’t give you an answer. Percussion in NotePerformer

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