"Inward Bound"

A ‘chillax chune’ feat. Nick Crosby on lead guitar…

Inward Bound


Sounds like you’ve reworked Antonin Dvorak’s 2nd movement of his 9th symphony (New World symphony)…and why not , Sting made quite a success of using tunes from the old (out of copywrite ) masters.

Nicely done as usual though the Guitar came in a bit loud…best, Kevin :slight_smile:

I had to go find the Dvorak tune you refer to Kevin… I recognised it immediately once I heard it. Quite a different melody I reckon… and not nearly as good as mine of course :laughing: As for the ‘loud’ guitar… that’s the rule… the guests always get to be loudest :wink:


Oh…ok :slight_smile:

quality stuff as per usual ,i thought the guitar could have used a bit more light n shade (fish n chips)throughout the tune, it seems like it was on 11 all the way through and had the sound of an amp sim,i missed vibrato on the guitar also ,but still a nice piece and nice melodies .

“Goin’ home, Goin’ home”. On this side of the ocean, they actually taught school children a version of that Dvorak song! (So my parents told me). Dvorak’s impression of America. I don’t think he visited New Zealand, though. I agree with the earlier comments that the guitar is a bit too prominent, and this from a guitarist who thinks the guitar can never be too loud. Still, it’s a lovely piece, well arranged and mixed. Thanks for sharing it! I would really like to learn a few of your tricks about stereo.

Ok… I can see I’m out-voted. Guitar down -2dB with some added ‘fish n chips’ :smiley: (Apparently the NZ accent makes it sound more like ‘fush and chups’ - but I don’t think so :smiley: )

Nick is definitely a real amp guy. In fact he both builds and modifies them! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback :sunglasses:

Hi Ian, maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I just tried to play it and there was only a left channel.

just tried to play it again and got no sound!

Odd. :confused: I just checked and it plays… BUT it’s MONO :astonished:
All fixed: https://ianrushton.bandcamp.com/track/inward-bound

Yerp!! working now :slight_smile:

Didn’t have the old to a/b, but guitar sounds good in the mix now.