Inward pointing slurs

When using two voices in one staff, I often get nasty inward pointing slurs. Especially over system breaks, they really look bad! I wish Dorico would prevent slurs from pointing inwards at all!
Perhaps some has some good settings, to avoid this and not ruin the overall look of slurs.

Everything is on factory default for slurs in the example. Note spacing is a bit tighter than the default (3 1/4 for quarter notes).


I don’t think you’ll find any combination of settings can prevent these kinds of slurs at the moment, unfortunately. I agree they’re unsightly, and we have plans to try to eliminate them in future.


There seems to be quite a bit of design difference between the ties and slurs too, as the ties appear thicker here. Is that an intentional design decision with the factory settings?

@HeiPet here’s what I’m getting with my own defaults. Obviously the bottom bass clef slur will need manual editing, but they don’t seem to be pointing inward as much as the factory defaults. You may be able to tweak your settings to save some time with editing these.

Thanks @FredGUnn . Would you mind sending me a project with your settings? With the new Library Manager it would be easy to transfer them.

@HeiPet most of my slur settings I posted online here, and then just yesterday some revised settings here.

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