IO2 express no sound output using Cubase


I have recently purchased IO2 express from Alesis. I facing one issue but I couldnt figure out where the problem is. I was seeking support from Alesis and no response from them. As a last chance am posting here.

I have listed the steps below what I have tried and what the issues I am facing.

I have attached the snapshots of the Cubase settings.

I am using Yamaha MM6 keyboard with USB connected to PC as well as IO2 Express connected too.

  1. After opening Cubase, I have added Instrument track by selecting “Add Instrument Track” option then ->HALionone as VST Instrument. It works well, I mean I am able to hear sound output from IO2 while playing and playback time.

  2. Next I am adding MIDI track by choosing “Add MIDI Track”, There if I choose MM6-1 as output port I am hearing sound from Keyboard outputs in real time. I mean both keyboard tones an well as MIDI tone from keyboard audio jacks. Please refer snapshot “1. MM6-Output on MM6 only”. But no sound from IO2.

  3. But the real problem starts here, In the same MIDI track (as point no. 2) if I select IO2 as output port (changing from MM^-1) I am not getting sound from anywhere else. But still MIDI out LED is blinking for MIDI notes in IO2. This is happening record as well playback. Please refer “2. IO2 no output”.

I also checked with ACID pro but the problem is same.

  1. I have also attached snapshots for device setup, VST connections, ASIO4ALL, sound settings in PC starting from snapshots number 3 to 10.

I am using Windows Vista
Latest ASIO4ALL driver
Settings made as per the Cubase manual.

Will there be any issues with IO2 express sound card since the MIDI out LED is blinking when record and playback the MIDI using “Add MIDI Track” but sound output? I have wasted my time to figure out this is issues but no resolution. Please help me to resolve this issue.

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Please somebody reply to me ASAP. I am struggling a lot.


Hey Someone is alive here.

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