(iOS 14) KNOWN ISSUE: Cubasis 3 and Audio Unit plug-ins

Hi all,

Please have a look at the known issue below, reported by several users and confirmed by us.

Known issue
Cubasis 3.1.3 is terminated by iOS 14 if it is sent to the background with an Audio Unit’s UI open and the Background Audio setup option enabled.

Close any Audio Unit UIs (effect rack, instrument rack) before switching to the home screen or another app.

Issue planned to be resolved in the next update.

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Also 96khz is unstable on ipados14. My old iphone se with ios 13 runs 96khz perfectly (using apogee mic plus) but my 2019 air with ipados14 (with less the 50% HD space used) cant record in 96k without severe stuttering even when no plugins or other tracks are present.