iOS 9.3.5 - Cubasis 2.3

I have an old iPad that is contained to work with iOS 9.5.3
It used to work with Cubasis 2.3 (I think)
After uninstalling it, I cannot re-install because the Apps download now insists Cubasis 2 is no longer compatible.
Is there any way to re-install an earlier version that is still compatible?

Hi @David_Torr,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum.
Unfortunately we do not see an option to reinstall the app on your old iOS version.


Thanks for your update Lars.

Much appreciated David

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Hi @David_Torr again,

Thank you for your updated message.
Is there an option to install a newer iOS version on your iPad?

Best wishes,

Hi Lars,
Not on this iPad. It’s an old one with the big pre-lightning connector. I use it with an old midi and audio interface to sketch minimalistic ideas on before putting into Cubase Pro.
Bit of a shame really but there’s other software available as Steinberg isn’t capable.