ios 9 CPU spiking in Cubasis???


Has anyone noticed Cubasis’ CPU spiking on the latest ios 9 update? Seem to remember it running more smoothly on ios 8. I tend to sample one shot synths (from Synthmaster for e.g) to the minisampler and create my own multilayer preset (to conserve CPU, love the minisampler BTW). However, Should have stuck with ios 8 :frowning:



sorry to hear your having performance issues under iOS9… can you give us some info about your setup so we can investigate for a possible reason?


Hey RG,

Sure! Currently using iPad Air 2 64 gb (with latest ios 9)

I have 14 active tracks running in the project so far (8 audio tracks, rest midi - 3 Micrologue tracks, 3 Minisampler tracks, for the most part I’m only using internal FX supplied in cubasis, studio EQ, delay, reverb etc including various effects from FX Pack 1 and 2). The only third party plugin im using is on the master output (Korvpressor by Klevgr), but disabling this plugin doesnt make much difference to the CPU spiking (maybe lowers the spiking a touch).

I have no midi controller or soundcard connected to the ipad air 2, Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks

Hi Monoboy,

Thanks for your message.

The summary of chosen instruments will have clear impact on the overall performance.
E.g. depending on the type of Micrologue presets chosen, CPU usage can vary quite a bit.
Same for other instruments, FX etc.

In our previous and actual testing, it seems that the performance of iOS 9 have improved.

Would be great to hear opinions from other users regarding the topic as well.


Thanks Lars,

When i get home later i’ll go through a process of elimnation, see what FX/Synth is eating up power, another reason why i’m looking forward to iPad Pro, that extra bit of juice (and 4gb ram!) will come in very handy.

Thanks again guys :slight_smile: