iOS audio via USB -> Cubase

Hey there,

So I connected my iPad via Lightning cable to my computer (OSX El Capitan) and set it up as USB audio device, which lets me record all its outcoming audio digitally. This happens perfectly when using third party audio editors, such as Audacity for example. I can simply select the iOS device and then start recording.

However in Cubase, it seems the only way I can get audio out of it is by selecting the iPad as ASIO device while my “Main” audio interface will be disabled. This compromises my endeavor to record my iPad into an active project, which I output through monitors connected to my Main audio interface.

Am I missing something here? How can I set up a simple audio input channel to record USB iOS audio?


In Cubase you can use only one device (ASIO driver) for both inputs and outputs.

Yeah, I thought as much. In Ableton, this works without any problems…

There are a couple of ios apps that work as plugins that will let you do what you are seeking. midimux is one, that is another but I can’t recall its name

thanks! but this app only connects the ipads midi signals into cubase. this is already possible with MacOS built-in tools and works perfectly. What I mean to do is to record the audio-out of the iOS device.

If it’s a 9,7" iPad grab a used Alesis io dock II if you find one.
Not the simple USB solution you’re looking for, but it’s working great.

Opps, STUDIOMUX, midimux younger brother does AUDIO and MIDI - talks audio, midi and osc

It will do what you want. IT has a plugin for Cubase that talks to the ipad app.

The other one is

I see what you did there :wink:

But after some fiddling around with “aggregate devices” in the MacOS audio midi setup I finally got it to work! Thanks for your help anyways!


Just for your info, using Aggregate Device is not officially supported by any DAW vendor (including Apple Logic). There are some known issues with synchronisation.

so is using all third party software and plugins :wink:
I will test this out in the coming days. so far, I have recorded some stuff and had no issues whatsoever. the only thing was SynthmasterOne not receiving any midi clock signal. but that can be a Synthmaster issue.

Audacity audio editor consists of an easy to use application suitable for beginners when it comes to taking their first steps in audio editing.

I’ve been using Audacity for years and I hope I don’t make anyone angry at Steinberg for saying that it does anything I need an audio editor to do and it has kept me from buying WaveLab :smiley:

However, it cannot help me with connecting and iPad with Cubase. It can only record audio which I have to save and import separately, which disrupts the workflow for me.


so far I’ve had only one audio dropout while recording. the apple audio system seems really stable and hardly crashes. that doesn’t mean that Cubase doesn’t crash ever - it does so at least once or twice per day, which is completely unrelated to the usage of aggregate devices.

I USE iconnectaudio2+ and get signal into my Cubase 10 pro running in Windows 10 64 bit. I manage to send/record midi signals into cubase that again trigger sound modules in iPad.

But how do i just record audio from the iPad direct into cubase? Is this possible with Iconnectaudio2+ ?