Ios ipad & cubasis & keyboard


I would like confirmation of total compatibily between

  • Cubasis 3.5
  • Ipad Pro M2
    and keyboards such as
  • Novation Launchkey Mini MK3
  • Akai Mini Plus
  • Other ?

Usage: Play notes with keyboard, Recording, Mixing and Editing voice recording with UBS microphone, etc…

Question: Is it possible to take advantage of the direct keys on the keyboard (Play, Rec, Loop, Stop), edit directly from the buttons, trigger actions from the pads?

My experience is other Software cannot do this at the moment.



I have a Novation Impulse 61 keyboard, the transport controls, Midi Learn and pitch bend wheel didn’t work in Cubasis.
So, I downloaded a free app called Midi Wrench, this app creates an internal midi link which allows the use of the pitch bend wheel and Midi Learn function.
Launch Midi Wrench and leave it running in the background, then launch Cubasis.
I mentioned Midi Learn because you will need to use this to enable your keyboard transport controls to work in Cubasis.
Go into SETTINGS/MIDI and turn on MIDI LEARN then tap LEARN.
Tap PLAY in Cubasis then tap PLAY on your keyboard.
Do this also for REWIND, FORWARD, LOOP and RECORD
Exit MIDI LEARN and that’s it, but remember to always have MIDI Wrench running in the background when your using the Novation :+1:
BTW, Midi Wrench will monitor ALL midi activities.
Hope this helps🙂


It’s amazing and I do thank you for sharing your experience here!

I am not sure how it works then? You can change setting in Cubasis as a plug-in would do or you need to make settings first and then launch Cubasis ?

Any chance you can make a short screening?

And sorry to ask here but did you test with other ISO App such as Garaband, Logic Pro, etc.

My best,


Hi Franck,
I have just tested my Novation with GarageBand and none of the transport controls work, I have not found a way of accessing Midi Learn in GarageBand as yet. I also haven’t downloaded Logic, don’t think I ever will to be honest.

It doesn’t really matter whether you launch Cubasis or Midi Wrench, as long as Midi Wrench is left running in the background (Cubasis being the main screen)
Take a look at this video, scroll it to 13mins 45secs - it will help you with midi learn and much more.
Mike :slightly_smiling_face:


Many thanks Mike!

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I forgot to mention, tap HELP/SETUP and scroll down to Midi Learn, there is plenty of info there for you👍


Seems there may be another option to use USB Keyboard with IOS running Cubasis for iPad. Using HUI settings, anyone event tested this?


As mentioned by @fixitmania53, please check out or dedicated MIDI Learn, Mackie Control and HUI Protocol Support video , to learn more about the available options, and how to use them alongside with your hardware.

Hope that helps!