iOS Redeem license key

Hi I won a competition on a YouTube channel Nu-Trix The Synth Guy. They gave me a code for Classic Machines how do I enter this in Cubasis in iOS?

I think you need to do it via the App Store. Go to the “today” tab, click on your profile (top right) and then “redeem code” I assume then, you can click restore purchases in Cubasis 3’s store to get it to register?

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Here are the Apple instructions how to redeem App Store gift cards and promo codes:


Thanks for this I’ve never used an Apple Voucher before. Unfortunately it’s saying it’s expired. :frowning: Still it’s on sale so it’s not so bad.

Hi @JMal883,

Thanks for your message.

Please inform Nu-Trix about this and ask him to get in touch with me.
I am able to provide him with a new code for you.

Hope that helps!


Hi, thanks appreciated. I went ahead anyway and bought it on sale. Really impressed with the plug-ins and Cubasis in general. Very intuitive and excellent support.

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